Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: The turnaround time is one business day.

Q: What if I need help?
A: Support is just a phone call or email away. With your approval, we can even log on to your PC remotely. This way we see what you see and can give immediate support.

Q: How do I dictate?
A: Most of our customers dictate with digital voice recorders, which are very easy to use and avoid all the hassles of telephones or tapes. You will need one DVR for each doctor. For customers that don’t dictate much, we recommend using our toll free telephone.

Q: How do I get a dictation to you?
A: Simply connect the digital voice recorder to your PC. The dictations are automatically downloaded from the recorder and sent to us over the Internet.

Q: For how long are the dictation and transcript saved?
A: Voice dictations available on our system for 8 days and transcripts for 90 days. You can also save them to your PC.

Q: What digital voice recorders can I use and how much do they cost?
A:Our system is compatible with the Olympus professional dictation voice recorders, including the DS-330, DS-2300, DS-3000, and DS-4000. You will need one DVR for each doctor. Typically, we provide a DVR for authors that dictate over 3,000 lines per month for three consecutive months. If you prefer to own your DVR, we recommend as a good vendor.

Q: How do I access my transcriptions?
A: Just go to our secure website and enter your username and password. The website is very user friendly.

Q: What kind of PC and hardware do I need to implement your service?
A: You’ll need a Windows 2000 or XP based PC running Internet Explorer 6 with high speed Internet access, at least 512M RAM and a 1.5G processor. You’ll also need a digital voice recorder for each dictator. At this time, we are not compatible with Vista or Internet Explorer 7.

Q:How do I review and/or change a transcription?
A: You review and edit any transcript from your PC desktop. You can even listen to the original dictation while reviewing your transcript.

Q: What happens if the transcription team has a question about a transcript?
A: We include an Alert in the transcript with the area in question highlighted for your review and editing.

Q: Do you have customized templates for letters, SOAP notes and Physicals?
A: Yes. Simply provide us with samples and we’ll make templates for them. We even include your letterhead so your letters don’t require separate letterhead paper. 

Q: How do I send a fax?
A: Just dictate the names of the recipients, and we’ll take care of it for you. You can also fax from within the system. We include your letterhead in the fax.

Q: How do you control quality?
A: We do three things. First, we dedicate our transcriptionists to a group of doctors, perhaps 5-6 doctors, so they become very familiar with their dictations. This also assures coverage if one is sick or on vacation. Second, we use a team approach where if one transcriptionist has a question about your dictation, she can easily forward it to her quality control manager for a second review. Finally, we extensively test, train and monitor our team so they provide high quality transcripts.

Q: What is a 65 character line?
A:Basically, we add the number of characters in a transcript and divide by 65 to get the number of lines. Characters include all ASCII letters, numbers, symbols, and function keys necessary for the final appearance and content of the report, including the space bar, carriage return, underscore, bold and all characters contained within a macro, headers and footers.

Q: How do I get billed?
A: At the beginning of each month, we e-mail you a statement and activity report. The activity report lists every transcript, including the office, author, report date, patient name, and number of lines.

Q: Do you have eSignature available?
A: Yes we do, for a nominal one time charge. With eSignature, you no longer have to hand sign your transcripts.

Q: Is your service HIPAA compliant?
A: Our service is fully HIPAA compliant. No transcript is ever lost. All information is stored on secure servers that can only be accessed using your username and password. The Internet security is the same level as that used by leading medical, insurance, and financial institutions.

Q: How long have you used the software for your system?
A: The software we use has been in service for over 6 years, and is continually improved based on customer feedback. It is widely used by over 160 hospitals for their dictation services. As such, it is well proven and very reliable.

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