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MyMedTrans offers comprehensive medical transcription services with excellent quality, turnaround time, service, and support. The software we use makes your transcription efforts so much easier. From easy dictation to easy transcript management, you'll appreciate how much time and money you save.


We achieve a superior product for you by hiring and training the best medical transcriptionists and quality control people. In addition, our software manages the transcription process so that every document can be checked by a quality control person before final delivery to you.

We use a team approach where there are at least two MTs familiar with your dictations. If one has a question, she can easily forward the transcript to the other MT for a second assessment. This also assures full coverage for you if one of our MTs is on vacation or sick.

Quality control is managed through our sophisticated document management system, assuring that every document can be channeled through a highly experienced Quality Control person. During the dictation process, an MT can even flag a question in the dictation to bring it to a QC's attention.

Experienced MTs are evaluated to identify strengths and train further in weak areas. New staff train under the guidance of an experienced MT before starting on real transcriptions. Ongoing training assures our staff stays current on the latest terminology and practices. We train our staff using the SUM training program developed by the Health Professions Institute. This comprehensive training program covers every specialty and assures that our staff is trained to the highest standards. We pay our staff based first on quality, then on quantity. This assures you that our staff is focused on your transcription's final quality.

Finally, when you receive your transcripts, you have a hand in the transcription process as well! If there is a word that we could not catch, we send you an Alert along with your transcript. You then open the transcript to review the Alert and make any corrections. You can even listen to the original dictation! You can also make any other small changes you like, or you can even reject the transcript to send it back to us with your comments. We'll fix it and get it back to you. Though rejects are rare, we do appreciate them since they help us improve further.

Easy Dictation

Digital voice recorders (DVRs) let you dictate where you want, when you want, without the hassles of tapes or telephones! This easy, accessible tool simplifies and streamlines your daily dictation process and provides the flexibility and features you demand.

You only use two buttons in day to day dictations; one to start or pause recording, one to start a new file. What could be easier?

Easy Transcript Review

Using your PC and our easy to use web site, you or your office staff have complete control of your transcript. If you're comfortable with website, you'll be right at home with ours. Review, edit and e-sign your transcripts. You can even listen to your original dictation while reviewing the transcript. Find out more under Transcript Management.


Our line price is based on your average line volume per month and the term of the agreement. We use a standard sixty-five (65) character line. Basically, we add the number of characters in a transcript and divide by 65 to get the number of lines. Characters include all ASCII letters, numbers, symbols, and function keys necessary for the final appearance and content of the report, including the space bar, carriage return, underscore, bold and all characters contained within a macro, headers and footers. If integrated with ADT, HL7, or some other data transfer and insertion method, the line is discounted by this automated data insertion.

At the beginning of each month, we e-mail you a statement and activity report. The activity report lists every transcript, including the office, author, report date, patient name, and number of lines.



We maintain security and confidentiality throughout the transcription process to comply with HIPAA. Only you and your designated staff will have acccess to your transcripts. We use the same levels of security used by large medical providers, banks, and insurance agencies. This assures you that every aspect of your transcription is securely managed from dictation to final transcription.

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